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A nation is only as good, is only as strong, as how it treats its most vulnerable and those of us in danger. This book is a call to action. It’s sometimes a whisper, sometimes a scream, but we speak our words as one when we demand justice for our more than 1200 murdered and missing Indigenous women. After all, they are our mothers, our daughters, our nieces, our aunties, our sisters, our friends.

Edited by Joseph Boyden, Kwe: Standing with our sisters features original pieces from Margaret Atwood, Yann Martel, Michael Ondaatje, Michael Crummey and more.

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Picture of the productThe Boy Who Was Bullied: John Peters Humphrey
The Boy Who Was Bullied: John Peters Humphrey, Drafter of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights

Anne Huestis Scott


All copies signed by the author!

“The Boy Who was Bullied” takes the reader through John Peters Humphrey’s childhood, showing the link between his experiences as a child and his beliefs and great achievements as a lawyer working for human rights. This book makes important themes like bullying and human rights accessible to children of all ages, and has proved popular as a classroom tool for introducing discussion on these and related topics.

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